Top 7 tips to improve your online poker skills

Poker HustlerPlaying poker online is a quite different to playing at your friend’s house on a Friday night or playing live in a casino. If you are new to playing online poker these 7 tips will help you avoid many of the rookie mistakes that could cost you money.

Tip #1

Do your research on online poker – reading this article is an excellent start but there is a wealth of information available, online and in books, that can help you improve your online poker game. Read and study as much as you can beforehand so that when you start playing you are armed with extensive online poker knowledge. This will give you the edge over the average Joe who will just jump into playing online without any real online poker knowledge at all.

Tip #2

Learn from the best – study the best online poker players and learn from them. This is an easy way to benefit from their years of experience without having to do all that ground work yourself. You can find videos from top poker teachers on websites like Deuces Cracked. These videos allow you to teach yourself advanced techniques and get way ahead in your online poker game. It is also worth your time to watch poker tournaments and see how the pros play.

Tip# 3

Start small – when you start playing poker online, start by playing low-stakes poker. It is advisable that you begin with a small portion of your bankroll while you get to know the game. Starting with not more than 5%-10% of your bankroll is a good idea. This will put you in a position to be better able to better absorb downswings if they occur. If you play with higher stakes, you stand the chance of losing more before you adequately familiarize yourself with the game.

Tip #4

Don’t drink and play – when playing poker you need to be very aware and conscious of your hand, the other players and the cards. This is true for playing in the casinos as well as online at home. You may be tempted to have a few drinks to relax while playing but if you are serious about learning the game and eventually winning, it is best for you to be sober and fully alert. It is also in your best interest not to play when you are bored, angry or frustrated.

Tip #5

Your environment is important – try to ensure that you have a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be distracted to play online poker. This will allow you to concentrate and give the game your best effort. Activities like watching TV or surfing the Internet between hands are distractions that can cause you to make costly mistakes. Limit your distractions and focus on your game. If you are to be successful at online poker you have to take it seriously and give the game 100% of your attention.

Tip #6

Invest in good hardware – If you are serious about playing online poker in the long term you may need to invest in a few pieces of hardware that will make playing more comfortable and productive. A large, wide screen monitor with high resolution will help so that you are not straining your eyes and will also allow you to play multiple tables more easily. A computer with a fast processor and a responsive mouse will have positive effects on your game also. As you will mostly likely be sitting for long periods of time a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair can reduce the chances of any back issues developing.

Tip #7

Calculate your odds – knowing your odds can give you a huge advantage over just listening to your gut. Luckily, technology today can help you calculate your odds and make more informed decisions when playing poker online so you no longer need to rely solely on your math skills. You can use tools such as this online calculator to help you decide if you should make a call.

If you start out with these tips you will have an above average chance of not only surviving, but also succeeding in the world of online poker. Follow the tips, study the game and practice, practice, practice! The odds are now in your favor.

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